Onyx Consultants are of one mind. We utilize our knowledge of business and technology to create positive organizational changes, develop efficient business processes, and produce system-wide benefits in cost, quality, and flexibility. At Onyx Consulting we understand that we must not only consider our customer’s current needs, but anticipate our customer’s future needs when recommending solutions. We at Onyx Consulting are committed to a promise of customer satisfaction and providing quality solutions and value-added services to our customers. Our mission is to do what we think is right, on every job, every day.


Integrity  Onyx commits to conducting all business activities honestly, truthfully, and ethically.

Teamwork  Onyx embraces a collaborative work environment.  We encourage team synergy without stifling individual thought.

Quality  Onyx believes that quality is accomplished by continually striving to deliver solutions and services that meets or exceeds our customers expectations.

Corporate Philanthropy  Onyx understands that we not only have a responsibility to empower our work community, but we also work towards making a difference beyond the walls of our organization into the social community.

Work-Life Balance  Onyx values the professional and personal growth of our team.