Intelligent Dataflow

As access to large volumes of data sources grows, the more demand it places on infrastructure services for many organizations. Modernization initiatives are posed to alleviate that burden on a massive scale through the use of lightweight frameworks to gain the end-to-end efficiencies in resource constrained environments. End-to-end threads created by a set of linked corporate services that are reusable is more efficient and a more cost effective way to deliver mission capabilities.

Onyx Consulting Services is a supporter and contributor of what has become the Apache NiFi open source project; a configurable, scalable performant dataflow application.  Our contributions of source code, documentation, testing and system engineering have made helped improve the product for the community and give us the expertise to make it even better for you.

We offer training that covers all aspects of the application.  Our training will get you up to speed quickly so that you can take a hands-on approach designing, developing, and maintaining your dataflows.

Should you prefer a hands-off approach, our System Engineers can help you use the application out of the box to develop dataflows that satisfy your business requirements and integrate with your enterprise.  We can help configure and tune the application to ensure you get the best performance from the hardware available.  Our System Engineers will help identify issues faster and deliver a production system in the shortest amount of time.

Should your dataflow require further customization our Software Engineers can develop custom extensions to the application.  These custom extensions can provide transformations, reporting, and service interactions specific to your business needs.

Software Engineering

Onyx provides key talent in the Software Engineering field. Our developers are trained and experienced in Agile methodologies and are able to adapt to ever changing environments. They are fully capable to provide rapid, high quality responses to meet customer needs. We employ Software Engineers that are experienced on a variety of operating systems, technologies, and software languages; including but not limited to JAVA, C, C++, and HTTP. They are skilled in programming using Top-Down, Event Driven, and Object Oriented paradigms. Experienced in Web Services Implementation as well as Database administration and integration.

Cyber Solutions

The cybersecurity marketplace is flooded with products that promise quick fixes but it is becoming clear that the increasing persistence and sophistication of attacks will require solutions beyond the traditional. Too often many programs tie themselves to regulations, best practices and one size fits all compliance regimes without ever really securing themselves from the threats that target their particular environment introduce. Onyx views cyber security management in the language and context of your organization’s business model. Our rule of thumb is rooted in three guiding principles of risk management:

  • Absolute security is impossible to achieve. Focus on the organization’s efforts on the most critical exposures.
  • Compliance does not equal security. Avoid the trap of blindly applying security controls without knowing the specific needs and objectives of the organization.
  • Technology will not fix process or procedural weaknesses. The solution lies not in antivirus programs and patch levels but in the training and awareness of one’s people and organization.

The key to establishing comprehensive cyber risk strategies is to define and identify core security capabilities and organize them in a way that facilitates aligning security with your organization model. We do this by first assessing and identifying the risks of the organization before moving ahead with any initiatives.

Once a risk profile has been determined, we begin by identifying the resources most critical to the organization and by identifying risks that could jeopardize the achievement of the organization’s objectives. We attempt to look beyond each risk individually and instead begin to analyze their interdependent impact. A quantitative/qualitative measure of weights and factors are applied when assessing differences between your current and future-state capabilities. Taken together, we help you prioritize your information security initiatives so that resources can be directed at the most significant threats.

Agile System Engineering

Our team of seasoned engineers and subject matter experts (SMEs) provide early and continuous delivery of valuable software using agile system development mythologies such as SCRUM and SE Process V-Model. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction and continuous attention to technical excellence. Our engineers work closely with other individuals for cross-functional teams to seek a faster and better approach to software and systems development. They are heavily involved in this collaboration effort to maintain a clear end-to-end system view and provide tractability and accountability of the product. We work closely with the customers to define and decompose their needs and work closely to formulate a strategy to tackle each task based off on highest priority first.

The flexibility and adaptability we have also allows us to handle events out of sequence when the risk is acceptable. Our engineers track daily tasks and commitments and provide up to the data iteration and release planning information. Our methods are adaptive, responsive, evolving and strive for continuous improvement. By utilizing various lessons learned throughout the process and promoting sustainable development our engineers are an invaluable asset to reducing time-to-deployment of operational capabilities.