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Onyx Consulting Services, LLC (ONYX) is a Section 8(a) certified, minority and woman-owned small business consulting firm that specializes in rapid and agile development of systems and software. We employ rapid system and software development best practices in support of the critical mission of the Intelligence community and the Department of Defense to protect our nation. We have successful past performance spanning 8 years in this discipline with the federal government. 

Due to shrinking federal budgets and an increase demand for technological innovation and software development that can advance an agency mission, Onyx understand and meets the technical challenge of doing more with less. There is a growing need for businesses that cannot only meet an agencies planned requirements and needs, but also their unplanned, urgent requirements and needs, quickly. Onyx ensures that our customer’s needs are met on demand, of high quality standards and within budget.

Onyx's corporate strategy is centered on staffing industry experts providing high-value based services and products to meet or exceed a client’s needs and expectations. This approach provides specialized skills to address business challenges while enabling our clients to concentrate on running their operations.

We are a small responsive and adaptive corporation striving to achieve steady growth while maintaining our uncompromising talent requirements further amplified by a corporate culture focused on retaining outstanding staff and recruiting professionals with deep academic and practitioners experience enabling consistent growth. This philosophy allows us to deliver only the best outcomes to clients versus presenting a massive workforce presence that can overwhelm challenges by numbers and time at the expense of budget.  Nevertheless, our strategic partnering with large business can be used to provide deep reach-back into technology and management skills not directly available from our core competencies and key skills.