Excellence Through


Question the Possibilities. Unlock the Potential.

Onyx Consulting Services, LLC

Onyx Listens

We understand that in order to solve our customers most difficult problems it is imperative that we listen and ask the right questions to understand the problem space.

Onyx Consulting Services, LLC

Onyx Innovates

We assess our customer’s challenges and we work to develop the best solution within budget and schedule. We anticipate our customers future needs and create solutions that scale.

Onyx Consulting Services, LLC

Onyx Delivers

Onyx commits to delivering high quality technical solutions to our customers.


Onyx welcomes challenges and solve problems. We are a team of engineers in practice and at heart and we see challenges as opportunities.

Onyx Consulting Services, LLC

We will provide high end services that demonstrably improve your productivity, effectiveness, and advantage. Our services will be delivered on time at agreed-upon costs and are guaranteed to meet or exceed your requirements. Onyx personnel are empowered to achieve quality in their every activity through regular training, consistent encouragement and constant emphasis on innovation, quality, and productivity. As President, I am personally committed to ensure Onyx’s performance achieves the objectives of the contract as promised. “Onyx commits to excellence through innovation”

-Zaminah D. Williams, President/CEO

Our Partnerships

We leverage industry leading partners and institutions to deliver innovative, scalable technological solutions


  • SETI (System Engineering Technology and Innovation)


  • Maryland Procurement Office
  • Department of Justice
  • US Marine Corps
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Defense Acquisition University
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • Defense Information Systems Agency

Onyx Careers

Develop your engineering and leadership skills. Your experience at Onyx will be a highlight in your career. We commit to keeping you challenged and encouraging you to push beyond your limits. The skills set of employees range from recent graduates and military veterans to seasoned professionals and subject matter experts.